Must-Have Winter Camping Items

Now that you’re familiar with winter camping, let’s get you some gear!



brown snow boot

Sure, you could use the same footwear that you would during any other season. But it may be worth giving your feet an upgrade for increased mobility in the snow and ice.



grey sock

Seriously underrated item right here. You’re going to need socks that can retain elasticity (sagging socks when hiking is the worst), but can also wick away moisture. Oh, and the ability to keep your feet nice and toasty. Check out the El-Pine Ragg Wool Socks from Wigwam, or, if you’re looking to splurge, SmartWool PhD Outdoor Medium Crew sock.



You’re going to want to keep your head nice and warm during your trip, but the key here is to not overdo it. Picking out the biggest and fluffiest hat may keep you warm when you are not moving, but on the trail, opt for lightweight material that can also keep your head dry.



black winter gloves

Can’t forget these. Look for gloves that are waterproof, especially if you are expecting snow.

It also doesn’t hurt to take an extra pair, just in case!



orange gaiters

This is something that’s overlooked, especially if you are more prone to hiking in warmer temperatures. But nothing is worse than a wet, icy blast on the legs. A pair of quality garters can give you the protection you need


two way radios

Two-Way Radio

REI suggest bringing a set of two-way radios for everyone in your party, just in case you get separated. Mobile reception will most likely be spotty, so don’t rely on your cellular device.

gold garmin gps


Again, cell service will be spotty at best, so it definitely shouldn’t be your go-to for navigation needs. Opt for a rugged handheld system that can guide you back to safety in case of an emergency.



two yellow PLBs side by side

Personal Locator Beacon

REI recommends you have this on hand for the most dire situations. Really, there isn’t any guarantee that you won’t run into a problem. So, if you happen to be caught in a blizzard or even an avalanche, this will help rescue teams find you with relative ease.

snow shovel and pitchfork

Snow Shovel

If you’re setting up camp in the snow, this can help clear the way for some stability on solid ground.

snow saw on white background

Snow Saw

This bad boy can cut through ice, so if you’re looking to build shelter in the form of an igloo, this is definitely a tool you want in your arsenal.


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