Ross is now serving as the President and Partner of Bullrock Renewables, where he is making an impact in the clean energy space in an effort to leave the world a better place for his children. Ross Sanner is an executive and entrepreneur with a focus on renewables, clean energy, and financial management. He has a passion for philanthropic pursuits. The bottom line is he loves helping people.

Ross has worked in a Business Development role at a Fortune 100 company, transitioned into the Educational Advancement sector for the last number of years, and has most recently focused his professional career in consulting. His company, Think Growth, was born out of a desire to connect companies with investors. Think Growth has had tremendous success in building networks and bringing businesses and great people together to achieve their goals.

Ross is also defined by his philanthropic pursuits, contributing to the Orme School, Vermont Donor Milk Center, National Breast Cancer Foundation, the National Autism Association, Casting for a Cure, Ducks Unlimited, the University of Vermont Medical Center, where his wife is a physician and many other causes dear to his heart. He places a special focus on local efforts, believing that change starts at the local level.

Though Ross is passionate about his work, his family always comes first. He married the love of his life, Casey, on a snowy December day in 2013. He continues to challenge himself while supporting his wife’s dream of being a doctor and reaching her own potential. His other interests include volunteering, fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors with his wife, their three children, and their black lab, Miss Bean.