ross sanner with his wifeRoss Sanner is a business professional from Burlington, Vermont. He joined the business development team at a Fortune 100 Company, and has extensive experience in education administration. In 2014, he founded Think Growth Consulting, a firm that advises both non- and for-profit businesses.

Work History

After graduating from Roanoke College, Ross worked in mergers and acquisitions. There, he gained a valuable skill set that would prove to be significant later in his career. In late 2006, Hyde Schools invited Ross to serve as faculty leadership.

Ready for a new challenge, Ross joined a consulting firm. That opened the door to working with many companies within the tech industry, an area he was eager to learn more about. He was drawn to the idea of serving as a sounding board; being the fresh set of eyes that teams come to for feedback. As a consultant, Ross was able to make teams more sustainable and found working in a vertical a positive and enjoyable experience.

“If you are honest and transparent, you can be utilized by any organization for profit or no profit in any vertical. Ones value is measured by the character and integrity that they embody and exude everyday…Your character doesn’t take a break. [It’s] up to you…”

In 2014, Ross returned to education management as the Director of Institutional Advancement at the Orme School of Arizona, and now serves as Associate Head of School. In this position, he brings a business-driven perspective to the table, which may otherwise be lacking. Orme, one of the top schools in the country, has since gained media attention through PBS, Fox, and Bloomburg.

Though Ross is passionate about his work, his family always comes first. He married the love of his life, Casey, on a snowy December day in 2013. He continues to challenge himself while supporting his wife’s dream of becoming a doctor and reaching her own potential. His other interests include volunteering, fly fishing and enjoying the outdoors with his wife, their young family, and their black lab, Miss Bean.